A Study on Oliver Twist's Sadness in Charles Dicken's Novel


  • Eka Weny Widyaningsieh Universitas Panca Sakti




Charles dickens, novel, oliver twist, sadness, workhouse


This research uses the innovative Oliver Twist novel. The purpose of this study is to describe the sadness that can be taken as a lesson from the main character in the Oliver Twist novel, and to show how the sadness is presented by the main character. This research deals with how sadness affects learning and can be found in a novel by Charles Dickens. In this scientific study and research, the writer uses descriptive qualitative to describe, analyze, and discuss research problems. Other information relevant to the investigation is also being sought by the researchers. The author conducted a research question to find how sadness can be reduced by studying "Oliver Twist" in a story from a functionalist perspective, symbol perspective, conflict, and perspective. After analyzing Oliver Twist novel the author found some sadness that can make life lessons in the main character, such as fortitude, sympathy, courage, honesty, cooperation, gratitude, not giving up easily, humility, and kindness.


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