Focus and Scope

Edusia: Jurnal Ilmiah Pendidikan Asia Is published by the Perkumpulan Alumni dan Santri Mahyajatul Qurro’ of ASA-MQ. This journal publishes articles on Education issues in the Asia Pacific. This journal focuses on multidisciplinary and pluralistic perspectives and approaches to the theory of National and International Education within the Asia Pacific region, which includes: 1) Educational technology, 2) Educational development, 3) Learning and Teaching, 4) Curriculum, Media & Technology Education, 5) Learning Environment, 6) Social Education, 7) Educational Approach, 8) Educational Methods, Education Policy and Development, 9) Education Administration, 10) Educational Assessment and Evaluation, 11) Educational Leadership, 12) Educational Administration and Educational Evaluation, 13) Educational Materials, 14) Professional Development of Teachers and Tutors, 15) Gender and Education, 16) Educational Theory, 17) Special Education and Cross-Cultural Education, 18) Professional Development and Continuing Education, 19) Teaching Theory, and 20) Language and Humanities Education.