Author Guidelines

Ascarya Journal of Islamic Science, Culture & Social Studies has the scope of scientific articles, the published articles in this journal deals with a broad range of topics in the fields of multidisciplinary study on Islamic Studies, Culture & Social Studies around the world. This journal cordially welcomes scholars' contributions of related disciplines;

All submission in  Ascarya should follow the guidelines as below:

  1. The writing is an original work, no plagiarism, and has not been published offline or online.
  2. Writing can be in the form of quantitative, qualitative, or library research results.
  3. The themes of the study are authentic and factual ones related to Islamic Studies, Culture & Social Studies around the world.
  4. The article must contain the study's title, name of the researcher, affiliation, email, abstract, keywords, introduction, method, discussion, conclusion, and bibliography.
  5. The writing as a whole consists of 3000-10000 characters, including the bibliography. The research uses Microsoft Word format with Trebuchet MS font format (size adjusts to the body of the article), Margins: Top 2.5, Bottom 2.5, Left 3, and Right 2.5, and line spacing 1.5, except for titles, affiliations, and abstracts with single spacing.
  6. Use APA for in-text citations and reference lists (Angeli et al., 2010). For in-text citations, use the name and year of the researcher (Researcher, 1980), and if there is a direct quote, then provide the page number" (Researcher, 2010: 24). If the author cites more than one reference, enter alphabetical order (Alpha, 2008; Beta, 1999). For references with up to five researchers, use all names on the first instance (Author1, Author2, Author3, Author4 & amp; Author5, 2007), and then use the first researcher et al. further (Researcher1 et al., 2007). Do not use footnotes.

To make things easier for you, the Editorial Board has prepared templates or article formats for you to download and use.
Download Journal Template