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Culture is defined as the features and knowledge of a particular group of people, and it includes language, religion, food, social behaviors, music, and the arts, among other things.

The cultural study is an interdisciplinary study that investigates the political dynamics of modern culture and its historical underpinnings. Cultural studies scholars often explore how cultural practices link to larger systems of power associated with or working via social phenomena. These include ideology, class structures, national formations, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender, and generation.

The journal publishes theoretical, empirical and historical analyses that interrogate what culture means, and what culture does, across global and local scales of power and action, diverse technologies and forms of mediation, and multiple dimensions of performance, experience and identity. Dedicated to theoretical and methodological innovation in cultural research, the journal is multidisciplinary in outlook, publishing relevant contributions that integrate approaches from the social sciences, humanities, information sciences and more.

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