Article Processing Charges

Perkumpulan Alumni dan Santri Mahyajatul Qurro’ is an independent publisher of open access, online, peer-reviewed journals covering many disciplines. Therefore, the Perkumpulan Alumni dan Santri Mahyajatul Qurro’ charges an article processing fee (APC) which includes professional copy-editing; for efficient and thorough peer review; for publication immediately upon receipt; so that articles can be freely and universally accessed in various online formats.

APC, paid when your manuscript is editorially accepted and prior to publication, is charged to you or your funder, institution, or employer. APC's payable for an article is approved as part of the manuscript submission process.

Journal prices are based on journal type. Different journals have different fees. For low-income countries, article-processing fee waivers or discounts are provided on a case-by-case basis to under-funded authors.

Why is the journal of the Perkumpulan Alumni dan Santri Mahyajatul Qurro’ charged with article processing fees?

The Perkumpulan Alumni dan Santri Mahyajatul Qurro’ publishes all its journals in a fully open access format. The scientific community and the general public have unlimited and immediate access to all content published in our journals for free when published on the Internet. This means that the Perkumpulan Alumni dan Santri Mahyajatul Qurro’ does not have any income from selling subscriptions to the printed or online versions of the journal. Therefore, the Perkumpulan Alumni dan Santri Mahyajatul Qurro’ needs to finance the editorial and production costs by collecting article processing fees (APC) from the author's institution or research funding agency. Perkumpulan Alumni dan Santri Mahyajatul Qurro’ is committed to minimizing the costs of open access publications.

We believe that direct, worldwide, barrier-free, and open access to the full text of research articles is in the best interest of the scientific community.

Is the reprint of my article included in the article processing (APC) fee? -Not.

An article-processing fee (APC) does not entitle authors to receive reprints of their published articles. Reprints can be ordered separately and optionally for each article that has been published in the journal of the Perkumpulan Alumni dan Santri Mahyajatul Qurro’. To request an offer to reprint an article, please email

Therefore, by collecting Article Processing Fees from author institutions or research funding institutions, the Perkumpulan Alumni dan Santri Mahyajatul Qurro’ can cover various publishing services:
• Editorial work: peer review, administrative support, content commissioning, journal development.
• Technical infrastructure and innovation: development, maintenance, and operation of online journal systems and websites.
• Article production: article formatting and mark-up and inclusion in indexing services.
• Journal and content marketing: ensure readers and authors know about the work published in the title.
• Customer service: respond to writers and readers.

If the paper is accepted for publication, the author(s) will be asked to pay 350.000 IDR as article processing charges for the Indonesian Language Article and 1.500.000 IDR for English Language Article. 

Refund Policy
Article Processing Charges are required after a manuscript has been accepted for publication. The journal will not issue refunds or cancellations of any kind after the publication of the manuscript.

Payment Confirmation
A payment confirmation will be sent through email to the corresponding author after the Article Processing Charges have been paid. You can hope to receive the confirmation within 2-3 working days after the payment has been processed.

Methods of Payment
Bank Transfer